Todos Santos Escape

The design gurus from Bunkhouse Hotels have done it again, this time launching Hotel San Cristóbal Punta Lobos in the magical town of Todos Santos. Baja California has always been a surfers paradise, drawing the laid-back sleepy beach crowd hunting for the next big swell.  The name of the new establishment itself pays homage to this wayward surfing community, honoring Saint Christopher, patron saint of travelers, surfers and protector during long journeys.

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From Bunkhouse:

"The hotel appears to be the anthesis of a typical Mexican beachfront resort, with 32-rooms and a restaurant are set amidst a stunning convergence of sea, desert, and mountains. The location is a stop on the open road of Gray and Humpback whale migration and home to the stoic giant, the cardon cactus, as well as over 150 species of birds.

Local fishermen launch their small panga boats daily from the beach next to the hotel to harvest the sea’s bounty, and surprisingly abundant agriculture grows nearby. The cycles of the days and seasons, the sunrises, sunsets and tides, and the majesty of the night sky are the greatest amenities the hotel has to offer.

Hotel San Cristóbal Punta Lobos consists of 32 rooms and suites situated around a central pool and lounge that were beautifully designed by architects Lake | Flato to complement the beauty of the surrounding nature. The intimate property is home to a restaurant and bar, as well as a library, a seaside mirador, and a small retail shop. The hotel has several spaces for celebrations and weddings from La Capilla, the hotel’s beautiful chapel and event hall, to the ruins of an antique abalone cannery at the east end of the property."