The Weekend / 12

As usual, here are a few things you should check out this weekend. 



Photographer Heidi Lee was recently in Iceland and her gorgeous images are making me want to book a one way ticket to Reykjavik. Do yourself a favor and go follow her wanderings. 


AirBnb Treehouse

A dreamy treehouse set amongst a wooded backyard in Georgia. There are three separate rooms connected by hanging walkways, and the entire structure is lit up at night by twinkling lights. Looks right out of a fairytale to me.

PS. If you aren't already using Airbnb, you should because it is awesome. 


GoPro Hero4 Session

The new GoPro Hero4 was released last week, and it is awesome. Seriously compact and waterproof right out of the box (no need for a casing). Looks like I'm going to be saving up for one of these. 

Happy weekend wanderings my friends. Now go get yourself some ice cream because, #nationalicecreamday.

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