Lofoten Opera Hotel

At the beginning of the year, Lofoten made my list of Places to Visit in 2015, and soon this captivating structure designed by Snøhetta will give you yet another reason to visit. 

Eventually this space will contain a mix of hotels, apartments, an amphitheater, spa and hiking and sea water basins. 

West of Lofoten, is the area Glåpen where the Opera Hotel sits in harmony with the majestic landscape and the existing buildings in the nearby town. The structure creates a visual link between the ocean and the mountains in the area. I love the way it looks like organic matter, wrapped in an undulating coil on the rocky seaside terrain.

Technical and functional considerations were made during the project including aspects of ecology and sustainability. The architecture and design firm, Snøhetta said the main goal was "to find the development patterns and shapes that optimize the site's potential with regard to functionality, architecture, and user experience." 

Pretty awesome, right?