August 2013

We arrived in Copenhagen, via Amsterdam after spending the past six days between Brussels, Boom (at Tomorrowland) and Amsterdam. The first day we were there I fell in love with the soft colors, creeping vines, beautiful balconies and just the entire vibe of the city. We walked around Christianshavn, a neighborhood with notorious bohemian reputation and stopped at a little cafe along a canal for some smoked salmon on rye with crème fraîche and capers. 

I think my favorite thing about traveling in the Nordic countries is that everyone assumes I'm a local .. that is until they start talking to me in Danish, Swedish, Dutch ... you get the point. I cannot hold my own, considering I only know English and average Spanish, but at the very least I have the underlying pleasure of knowing that on first glance, I fit in. I think that can make the immediate between feeling like an outsider and roaming the streets like a local. Don't you? Mitch always gets the South American, Mexican or Spanish inquiry, so I feel like we can blend in fairly well in those areas of the world too.

The majority of our time in Copenhagen was spent checking out this ah-mazing hotel and walking around everywhere. The bartender at the hotel actually had the best recommendations out of anyone we talked to on what to do, where to go, and what to see. 

We at a fabulous dinner at a restaurant named BROR, started by two Noma sous-chef alumnus. I would travel to Denmark just to eat their bone marrow butter and homemade bread one more time. It was seriously that good. Since we only had a few days there, I'm counting on the fact that we will be back. I actually saved the bartenders hand drawn map of sights to see for the next time we are in Denmark. 

Have you been to Copenhagen? Did you have a favorite place or meal?