Music Festivals: What to Pack for a Weekend Camping Festival

A few weeks ago we flew to Canada to soak up the great outdoors in Banff, spend some time camping and go to Shambhala Music Festival. Since we were getting all outdoorsy I really didn't care what I wore, how often I wore it (within reason) and had no need for anything fancy. This is possibly my favorite type of trip to pack for - just throw in a few basics in my bag and go. Here are my go to essentials for music festivals, or any out of town outdoor weekend. 

Flowy Maxi Dress.

Double-duty pieces like the maxi skirt or this long flowy dress are my go to for base layers for every season. A long maxi skirt can double as a strapless dress in a pinch and is one of my favorite ways to cover a swim suit. And vice versa - take that flowy dress and tie the straps around your waist at the back, throw on a breezy tank and you have a maxi skirt. Boom. Weekend bottoms, tops and dresses packed. 



Tank tops. 

Perfect for layering, impromptu yoga sessions in the AM or sleeping in with a pair of undies. Throw one over a dress and you have a maxi skirt and top. An all around good basic to pack for any type of trip. I usually go grey, black and white but you could get adventurous and bust out some colors.




A long sleeve. 

Something versatile that is lightweight enough to cram in a super tiny pouch or tie to the straps of your festival hip pack and warm enough to keep the chill away until you get back to your tent. I like a big drapey one if I'm heading somewhere colder. It also doubles as a second bedding layer on cold nights or a blanket if you want to sit on something other than the ground. 




any other sandal-that-can-get-wet-of-choice. These are a must. You have to have at least one pair of shoes that you don't care about when camping. Get them wet, muddy, whatever. Plus you can shower in them. If you go to any festivals, than you know the pair I'm talking about. All of the shoes I bring on festival weekends are ones I don't care about. Really most of my belongings are that way nowadays.... 



French Top Swimsuit. 

This style bathing suit top is perfect for festivals. Throw it on to shower at the public bathrooms or at the campground bathhouse and wear it under your flowy dress as a bra during the day. Doesn't matter how sweaty you get - the thing was made to be wet! I like this cute one with little stars on it, because it makes me happy. A bandeau style would work perfectly as well. 



Dry Shampoo.

Forget the hairdryer. If you don't know when the next time you might shower will be, I like to throw the powder kind in my bag. My hair does NOT do well without washing. So this is helpful for those long weekends sans-suds. I've tried several kinds and so far this one by Verb has been my favorite. I like the dry powder ones personally, but have had luck with even the cheap Garnier spray. 


Simple Makeup.

Nars multi stick in Laos and Nars eyeshadow in gold are my go-to pieces. I usually pair them with basic black mascara and a tinted mineral sunscreen (I love this one). The multi stick can be used on cheeks and lips, the eyeshadow can be applied with your finger and used as a highlighter in a pinch and the tinted sunscreen is both a light cover up and sun protection. Perfect for when you are short on space! But who am I kidding - this is actually all I wear, ever, not just when we are camping.... 


Don't Forget!

Before I leave for a camping or festival weekend I like to shower, shave my legs and let my hair air dry with some sea salt spray in the ends - you want a good (clean!) base to do all of the layering throughout the weekend. Plus - then you don't have to pack your razor or the spray! Somehow we managed to only bring two suitcase and a carry on to fit all our camping, hiking and festival gear. Pretty much packing pros at this point ( say that 10 times, fast ). 


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Have any tips for packing for an out of town festival? Let me know in the comments!