Lavender Locks

It is no secret I've been obsessing over lavender locks lately (say that three times fast). Anyway. I really want some purple hair. Or maybe it is lilac. I also love that in between color that fades from light purple to pink. More in the way that I could just have it for a few days and then switch back to my normal color without going through the awkward grow-out phase. But still. Aren't these dreamy? Maybe I will bite the bullet for summer. 

Purple hair

This sweet haircut and subtle pink tint really makes me want to take the plunge. It looks almost work appropriate on her doesn't it? Or maybe I will just stick to lavender hair chalk....

P.S. Several of these photos have been photoshopped (not by moi) but you can find the originals floating around if you look. Pretty convincing, right? Shop some sweet alternatives to semi-permanent tress dye below. 

Here's to dreaming about purple hair. Have you ever dyed your hair a fun color? Did you love it?

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