Soundtrack for Travel


A few months ago, a reader asked about the kind of music I listen to on my travels.  

"What's been playing on your ipod/smartphone in the last few months? Anything you've felt compelled to put on repeat?  It may be kind of a weird question, but as I was looking at your blog, I kept thinking, "I wonder what the soundtrack for all that traveling has been?"

At the time - I gave it some thought and then forgot to answer. But now that I'm fresh off another trip, I thought now was as good of a time as any to address the question.  Music has always fueled my wanderlust, whether driving us to travel for a music festival or by providing the soundtrack to a current adventure.  The truth is I'm constantly changing up the music I listen to on a day to day basis. But nine times out of ten you will find the latest Above & Beyond podcast on repeat in my headphones (preferably in these noise canceling ones by Bose) while I'm traveling. The depth of music played never disappoints and you can't beat 2+ hours of beautifully transitioned songs. 

Right now the 'Don't Leave' collaboration by Seven Lions of Ellie Goudling is playing nonstop following our two weeks in Greece. 

Same with this Johan Malmgren original mix, Aruna - Start a Fire.  What can I say - I'm a sucker for lovestep (it's a thing, google it). 

The Group Therapy #36 podcast came out at the same time as our Tomorrowland trip last year, and I could not stop playing Arty's remix of 'Hey Now' when we got back. Even now when I press play I can vividly recall the smell of fresh cut green grass in the fields in Belgium. 

Although my music of choice hasn't always been trance, I find the global appeal of Above & Beyond to be perfectly suiting to whatever country I land.  It always amazes me how perfectly music can recall a specific moment in time, a feeling or even a smell (which I wrote about before). Wandering through the markets in Bangkok, riding the high speed Shinkansen out of Tokyo, sitting on countless overnight trains and buses all over the world.  

That is what I love about the pairing of music and travel - it heightens your senses, and enhances your visual experience with complementary sounds that will trigger memories forever.  

What do you listen to while you travel?