Check In // San Giorgio Hotel, Mykonos

This gypset hideaway has been on my dream hotel Pinterest board for a while now.  The white washed walls, beautifully tiled floors and stunning views give the San Giorgio Hotel in Mykonos an effortless bohemian vibe. 

The details are everything here. Low-slung hammocks are draped poolside, colorful handblown glass pieces dot the rooms and vintage peacock chairs are nestled in corners. Grecian kombolói (worry beads) hang from the walls and sheer white mosquito netting cascades down from bedposts catching the vibrant natural light streaming through the windows.

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My last stay at a Design Hotels™ project at Papaya Playa in Tulum was lovely.  Their modern bohemian pop up hotels attract an effortlessly cool crowd that breezes in and out - the kind of people that look chic by simply wrapping up in a sarong and putting on a touch of chapstick after a day in the sun. Artists, writers and other modern day creatives all mill about drinking cocktails, basking in the sun and photographing the sites with new friends. 

The San Giorgio Hotel has placed Mykonos back on the map for the fashionable cool-hunters of the world – those traveling for the feeling, the people and the experience.  

I've added this low-key beach outpost to my ever-growing wanderlist alongside the likes of Jose Ignacio, Uruguay, Alto Paraiso, Brazil and Northern Goa, India. See you soon, Greece. 

Images courtesy of San Giorgio Hotel