The West Coast Is The Best Coast

Last weekend Mitch and I flew out to Newport Beach to spend some time with my family and celebrate my cousin's nuptials.  We rented a house (the one in the middle in the photo below) right on the beach which worked out perfectly for our group because we could all come and go as we pleased.  The early mornings there were my favorite, drinking coffee and chatting with my parents, cooking breakfast once everyone woke up, laying around on big tapestry in the sand (I always pack this one because it's lightweight and big enough for multiple people) and taking long walks up and down the beach.  

One afternoon we rented one of those ridiculous four-person bikes and peddled our hearts out all the way down to the wedge at the tip of the Balboa Peninsula. Both mornings we walked down to the pier to watch the surfers bobbing around on their boards, waiting for the perfect break. 

The surfers in the Pacific ocean always remind me of seals - all slick in their black neoprene wetsuits, gliding over the waves.  One of the afternoons we spotted two whales and a pod of dolphins just out past the first break right in front of our house.  

All images by Ty Govaars for The Weekend Edit. See more on VSCO and Instagram