Gift Ideas For The Foodie

Some of my favorite gifts to give lately are the ones that you can actually use (or eat). Extra props for a gift that you can eat that reminds you of a destination you recently visited. I love a good travel/food gift. Did you know you can ship all natural homemade ice cream to someone? Or small batch cold brew coffee? And that spicy honey. It's like you were just walking down the aisles of a boutique grocery and picked out a little something they might like. Here are four food gift ideas for the holidays. 


This signature brew is always supremely fresh, 100% organic and preservative-free.  Single Fin serves their products the old fashioned way - in reusable glass containers, never petroleum-based plastics.

ORGanic Ice Cream Delivery

The Brambleberry Crisp flavor from Jenni's sounds divine, like summer. Plus they deliver just about anywhere you can ship a package, which is awesome. 

MEAT: Everything you need to know COOKBOOK 

I don't personally eat a lot of meat (especially of the red variety) so I could probably learn a thing or two from this book. And you know what they say, give what you would like to receive. 


This spicy and sweet condiment is hand-made with raw honey from independent beekeepers in the Hudson Valley and a special combination of chili peppers, cold-infused to retain a pure, unprocessed end product. I'll take two (luckily, that's how they come). 

What is your favorite foodie gift to give or receive? 

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