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Wanderlisted // Greenland

I fell head over heels for Nordic destinations (Iceland, Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Finland and their autonomous regions - the Åland Islands, the Faroe Islands and Greenland) when we visited Denmark and Iceland last year. Greenland has since piqued my interest because of it's painfully beautiful icebergs and proximity to the Arctic circle (hint, it is IN IT).

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The area has so many wonders to experience. Over 85% of Greenland is covered in ice and the Illusiat Icefjord is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. I would love to go on a husky safari, wind whipping your face, only the sound of the dogs paws on the hard packed snow. 

If you watched The Secret Life of Walter Mitty, then you might be picturing that lonely bar, seaplane and deserted swath of land that Ben Stiller finds his way to on his journey to find a photo negative. But, in reality all of the "Greenland" scenes were actually shot in the tiny seaside towns of Höfn and Stykkishólmur in Iceland (we went last summer!). 

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The paintings below were done by Zaria Forman on a commemorative expedition to Greenland made in honor of her mother to document the light, shadows and slowly fading giants of ice that are melting away an alarming rate. Crazy that those are paintings, right?

I know the allure of adventure travel is greater for me more "undiscovered" the destination. And Greenland is just about as undiscovered as you can get. 

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What about you? Would you travel somewhere as remote as Greenland?