Yachts and Friends | The Yach Week Is All Grown Up

I remember the first time I heard about The Yacht Week. A friend on Facebook posted something about flying to Dubrovnik via Reykjavik to board a sailboat filled with tanned 20 somethings, late night parties and lots of  booze. I did doing two things after that: First, I checked where Dubrovnik and Reykjavik were on a map (Croatia and Iceland for those not geographically inclined) and then I proceeded to watch this Yacht Week video, about 10 times in a row.

Yachts and Friends Sailing Trips

That all seems a bit overwhelming to me now, but the idea of floating on the azure Mediterranean sea, basking in the sun, swimming in the salt water and rowing into shore for a dinner somewhere along the coast of Croatia or Italy? That sounds pretty good right now. 

Enter Yachts & Friends, the grown up version of The Yacht Week. Put on by the same masterminds that created the island hopping spring break phenomenon, Yachts & Friends looks more suitable to the just now 30 somethings that might have missed out on the sailing fiesta in their earlier years. 

Sailing off the coast of Croatia with  Yachts and Friends

Wouldn't it be nice to spend a week, floating around in turquoise waters of the BVI's or floating in the waters off the Turkey's coast with your closest friends? You could spend the night stargazing from the deck of your own private yacht. 


The European destinations are instantly appealing to me, so romantic and classic. But part of me wants to throw off the bow lines (see what i did there - ha!) and set sail in the tropical waters of Thailand, the faint smell of lime and green curry lingering from the galley, spending afternoons jumping from dramatic cliffs and exploring the islands dripping in jungle. 

You have the choice to have a hostess on board – there to cook your meals, top off your glass of bubbly and recommend local restaurants to dine at in the evenings (so, that is an obvious, yes, I will take one, please). 

Skipper on the yacht with Yachts and Friends

Itineraries are customized for the party, your skipper (yes, I will also take one of those) will tailor the day's agenda to the the group's interests. A perk that sounds incredibly appealing for someone that likes to do things a little out of the ordinary. 

What destination would you pick if you had the chance to sail with Yachts and Friends? If you still need more inspiration, check out their video, below. 

The Yacht Week might have eluded me, but Yachts & Friends, I'm coming for you. 

Photos © Yachts and Friends.