Own Less, Live More

Aaron Leitz for The New York Times

This recent article in the New York Times about a couple who designed an incredibly stylish small living space was so refreshing to read.  i believe the topic of less is more is something we will be seeing a lot more of as Millineals age and Americans realize that the 9-7, big house, nice car, "American Dream" doesn't leave much time or money for real life. 

This is something I have talked about before - and feel strongly about.  Both Mitch and I make a conscious effort (almost) every day to live simply.  That's not to mean we don't do things, or don't spend money. We do a lot of both, actually.  But we choose to spend on experiences, good food, shows and travel instead of a second bedroom, a new sofa or another kitchen appliance. The best part is - we don't miss the extra space or things at all.  I carefully choose each and every item we bring into our home because there isn't space for junk, and we love it this way.  Sure, some days i wish I had a slightly larger closet, but having a small one keeps me honest (about my clothing shopping addiction) and dedicated to a minimalist lifestyle. 

Own Less, Live More from The New York Times

Early in their marriage, Lily Copenagle and Jamie Kennel began crafting a plan for living, scribbling house designs and lists of must-haves on notepads and paper napkins.

The idea was simple. They would create a home that was big enough for the two of them, but small enough so that it would be easy to maintain, environmentally responsible and inexpensive to operate. And that would allow them to free up their time and funds for intellectual and recreational pursuits. Own less, live more: It sounds like a platitude, but it became their strategy.

Here are a few of the photos from their well-designed 704 square ft home. 

Read more on the New York Times.  Photos by Aaron Leitz for The New York Times. 

Could you live in a space this small?