European Adventure

5 countries. 15 days. 1 backpack. and a tent…

Over the past 7 years, travel has found a way into my life. It is wedged itself deeply into who I am, what I long for and what I aspire to and become an essential part of my being

Travel keeps me curious, mindful, and adventurous. In short it keeps me from being complacent.  

There is a theory that the most creative people are generalists.  Steve Jobs said that “Innovation, intelligence, and the awards that follow all spring from being able to make connections that other people don't see. So if you have the same experience-bag as everyone else, you will make the same connections as everyone else."

In short, the more experiences you have the deeper and wider the well of knowledge you have to draw from.  For me, travel is just that.  

Mitch and I have been all over the world together; Thailand, Australia, Cambodia, Vietnam...., but never to Europe.  But, this year, after a lot of wishful thinking and hoping we scored tickets to Tomorrowland.  To put it into context, the day we got the email that we had a place on the Global Journey flight is probably top 5 in the most excited moments of my life.  And from there we did what we do best – we planned an epic travel adventure. 

The influx of experiences from our two weeks in Europe left me rejuvenated, inspired, hopeful and all around happier. It doesn’t matter how you travel, whether you like to stay put or pack it in, the experiences gathered from getting there and just being (and remembering that the journey is just as important as the destination) is what really will change your life. 

The stats:

Over the course of 15 days we took 6 flights, 4 trains, went to 1 festival, stayed in 1, $20 tent for 3 nights, saw dj’s play on 15 different stages, visited 5 countries (Belgium, Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden, Iceland), successfully got 3 passport stamps, slept in 5 different hotels and 6 different beds, saw a glacier, ate reindeer, stood amongst a sea of 185,000 people. (and I could go on and on).

Out of all the places we visited on our trip, i have to say that Iceland topped the list for me. It was raw, desolate, slightly harsh - a young, geothermally active island with rugged beauty and stark contrasting landscapes.  It was a breath of fresh air for me, literally and metaphorically - and I can't wait to share some photos from our trip!   Stay tuned for a play by play of our adventures to come soon.

Where we went: 

Brussels, Belgium | Boom, Belgium | Amsterdam, Netherlands | Copenhagen, Denmark | Malmö, Sweden | Reykjavik, Iceland | South Iceland | Golden Circle, Iceland