The Weekend // 03

This one is a little late, but here are a few discoveries from my weekend.  

I'm planning a vacation to New Mexico and cannot stop searching out amazing photos of the southwest. The photo above is via kevinrussend on flickr. seriously his whole feed is amazing. check it.

This will be happening while I'm in Santa Fe. Just found out that we are renting a pickup truck while we are there. For some reason that makes me smile. Planning to pack up a thermos full of coffee, hit the road before sunrise and catch the balloons in action. 

I would also love to see these tent rocks and the Puye clifff dwellings

I will be throwing this and this into my suitcase for the chilly desert nights. 

Have you been following the Levis Makers Series? Some pretty awesome yurt photos have been popping up in my instagram feed via @folkfibers (fellow Austinite and totally inspiring creator). The project is worth a look if you feel like exploring.  

Have a great (rest of your) weekend!


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