With Love, From: Groton

I just got back home from a weekend with family in Groton, Massachusetts, a town I frequented when I was younger, but haven't been back to in a while.  It always amazes me how much tastes change and evolve as you age.  I now have such a deep appreciation for where my grandparents chose to build their home and life.  Groton is heaven. A perfectly quaint town just far enough from Boston to forget city life and really unwind.  Charming white New England homes line the road and vibrate green grass blankets the hillsides.  And the smell - I love how the air smells there there - like fresh cut greens mixed with a hint of pine (is that crazy? I feel like the majority of my favorite destinations have a distinct smell to them....)

I haven't been back to my grandparents' home in around 8 years - since my granddaddy passed away. Way to long. The entire time I felt like he was there with us, watching as we shared memories that were warm, filled with laughter and incredibly touching. I kept expecting him to come around the corner or hear his deep voice floating up from his workshop in the basement.  

My visit made my appreciate the time we were able to spend together even more and allowed me to reconnect with the impact he had on my life.  I got a lot of my wandering spirit from him - the adventure seeker who took up motorcycles at 65, went hang-gliding in Switzerland, traveled to Australia, Europe, Brazil (the list goes on and on).   Here are a few photos from my weekend. 


From the top: the old house, remnants our handprints at the old house, view from the new house, kayaking on the Nashua river, calm view from my kayak, the Williams Barn my gdaddy helped restore, our haul from the farmers market - those orange cherry tomatoes were amazing, Williams barn from the side, sunset at the new house with a glass of malbec, the views from 30,000 ft on the flight home from Boston. 

Where: Groton, MA

Exact location: 1 hour from Boston, Massachusetts

How to get there: Take the Fitchburg-Acton line to Ayer from North Station in downtown Boston heading northwest.  The Boson rail line is super easy - one of the best I've been on yet (and I've been on a LOT of trains). Every stop is announced over the loudspeaker and major bonus points for having an app so you can buy your ticket on your phone. So much easier than figuring out those silly ticket machines!