The Weekend // 08

Tulum by Max Wanger

Tulum by Max Wanger

A belated Happy Turkey Day to everyone!  We spent the holiday at home with family (minus the brother - miss you Alex!). I hope everyone had a beautiful day filled with warmth and laughter. This year, on top of family, friends and health, I am thankful for the wonderful adventures we've had - Nicaragua, Belgium, Denmark, Iceland... And above all for my wonderful partner in life, travel and everything. 

Here is a peek at where we are staying in Tulum (we are on our way there right now) โ€“ in our very own eco-friendly, bohemian beach hut overlooking the Caribbean.  

images via Papaya Playa by Design Hotelsโ„ข

I did a little pre-trip research to give us some ideas while we are there and put together this Guide to Tulum, which we will be following loosely. But who knows, once I hit that beach, I might never get up.  

See you next week real world!