Bohemian Wedding Line By Mara Hoffman

This unreal photo shoot is from Mara Hoffman's new bohemian bridal line.  Flowy fabric, loose braids, face paint and feathers all set out in the middle of nowhere.  This free-spirited bridal collection might have been made for me.  The line delivers seven looks aptly named after Greek, Roman and HIndu goddesses, all of which were designed with the intention of being worn "by the sea, barefoot in the desert or under a canopy in the forest." I think I'd be the most comfortable in the Hera beaded gown, but I love the back of the Gaia lattice gown. And that is all.  I will now try to take a break from wedding related postings. 

See the full line including bridal swimsuits at Mara Hoffman.  Photos by Olivia Malone