A Simply Holiday Gift For The Creative


The Pencil by 53

No, not that kind of pencil. This kind of pencil.  With erase, blend and adaptive palm rejection technology, this might just become your favorite creation tool yet.  By the makers of the award-winning Paper app, this new stylus is the perfect combination of function and form. 

I've been toying with the idea of getting a Wacom tablet for a while now but for what I'm looking to do with it - doodle - I think the Pencil would be just perfect.  My favorite part is you can just flip the tool over to erase, no need to switch any settings.  Plus, you can blend with your fingers which is such a natural gesture for those who are artistically inclined.

The stylus comes in two body choices, walnut at $59.95 and graphite at $49.95.  I think I would go for the walnut.  What about you?