A Simple Holiday

This year I find myself drawn more and more to simple, modern holiday decor.  Fresh sprigs of green, delicate wreaths and earth tones. There is something so refreshing about the holidays without all of the glitz.  The same goes for presents. 

Last year instead of exchanging a plethora of gifts, my family did a blind exchange where everyone came to my grandmother's house with just one unique present.  It really put the focus back on what the holidays are about - spending quality time with friends and family, catching up and drinking wine over a good meal, sitting by the fire and enjoying each other's company.  

Mitch and I have always celebrated our milestones and holidays differently than the norm - choosing travel over material objects or just one special gift instead of many to commemorate a moment.

Some of my favorite holiday memories don't revolve around gifts at all - picking up a last minute (and on sale) scrappy evergreen tree, decorating with little white lights and bits and bobs that we have on hand; cooking food together with the music turned up; lounging around and sleeping in. Or the beautiful snowfall in Nagano on NYE, spending Christmas morning surfing in Australia or waking up to the sound of monkeys in a tree hut overlooking Playa Maderas on my birthday.

This year, instead of filling my holiday wish list with dozens (ok some years it was more than dozens) of things I want, I'm choosing carefully.  Selecting thoughtful, quality items to both give and receive.  Check back here for A Simple Holiday Gift Series for the perfect holiday gift for anyone on your list.  

Images:  snow on trees via the pioneer woman // Me & Mitch in Nagano, Japan, New Years Eve 2009