The Weekend // 05

Mitch and I spent a wonderful weekend with friends and family and did a LOT of driving. Friday night we went to Art Outside, a wonderful music and arts festival put on by a friend. It was wonderful to see just how much they have grown over the years - I couldn't help but smile to see rows and rows of campers when we got there.  We got to see Wildlight the new collaboration between Ayla Nereo and David Sugalski (aka The Polish Ambassador) which was amazing.  Ayla's voice is absolutely incredible live. 

The next morning we woke early to explore the festival grounds and then drove to Houston for a dear friend's wedding that ended with dancing in silly costumes late into the night.  Sunday we drove home to my parents house for coffee and lunch and then back to Houston for a late afternoon meeting about our little festival.  

art outside sahara tent tops // exploring colorful side streets // gold side door // on the way to the wedding

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